Monday, July 15, 2013

Red Sox Are #11 On FORBES Most Valued List

FORBES magazine's latest worldwide ranking of the 50 most valued sports franchises puts your Carmine Hose at #11 ($1.312 Billion). Not bad, you think? Except The Evil Ones in the Bronx come in at #4 ($2.3 billion) and the little club down the road a piece in Foxobro captures the #6 spot on the list ($1.635 billion). So, at those awkward Boston sports owner cocktail parties, John Henry has to live with being 5 whole slots below Bob Kraft—even with all the issues the Patriots face these days. Of course, Henry can brag that his team moved up 13 spots in just one year. By the way, Real Madrid captures the #1 ranking—valued at $3.3 billion. Not surprisingly, neither the Celtics nor the Bruins even make the Top 50.