Sunday, July 21, 2013

MLB To 'Billy Cub' Mascot: 'Cease And Desist'!

Billy Cub Spreading Lawlessness
Need another sign of the apocalypse? Apparently, Bud Selig's minions have too little to keep them occupied (you know,  like dealing with PEDs, interleague play and making the DH universal). They also have a pressing need to go after the unofficial mascot of the Chicago Cubs. 'Billy Cub' is a guy in a bear suit who wanders outside Wrigley Field greeting fans. He's outside because the Cubs do not have an official mascot. So, MLB has issued a 100-page "cease and desist" order calling on the furry greeter to quit creating goodwill. The guy inside the suit, John Paul Weier, "barely" (sorry) breaks even on his venture—collecting tips from fans who take pictures with him. We salute the Cubs for being one of the few teams without a lame mascot (1997 will always live in infamy as the birthdate of Wall The Green Monster), but come on, Bud, lighten up!