Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keep Sox 'All-Star Break' Stats In Perspective

Needed Large Grain Of Salt
If your Boston Red Sox beat the A's today, they will head into the All-Star Break with 59 wins—a franchise record. Really? Has anyone actually looked at how many games the Carmine Hose will have played at the break? Add it up—Boston will have played a ridiculous 97 games before the Midsummer Classic. For those of you who are cypher-challenged, that's 59.87% of the 162-game season. Let's round that puppy up to 60%. So, six out of ten games the team will play in 2013 will have already been played by around 8PM tonight! Let's go back in history to the very first All-Star Game ever played at Fenway—1946. Boston had played 77 of 156 games at the break—49.3% of their games—and they had won 54 of those 77 games! How about the last All-Star game at Fenway—1999? It was played on July 13th (your humble scribe was in attendance), and the Red Sox played 88 of their 162 games before the break—that's 54.3% of their games. They had won 49 of those 88 games. So, we should all take this year's bloated pre-All-Star stats with a huge grain of salt.