Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yankee Fan's Condition Worsens To Critical

Slime Bucket Suspects (WBAL-TV)
Baltimore police officials stated that the condition of 25-year old Yankee fan Matthew Fortese has been downgraded from serious to critical. Michael Bell (21) and Gregory Fleischman (22) were arrested in the assault at Camden Yards and have been charged with aggravated assault (see mug shots). Authorities allege that, during an argument sparked by Fortese's Yankee hat, Fleishman punched Fortese in the head—dropping him off a 5-foot wall onto a concrete surface below. Fortese suffered a fractured skull. Again, this type of fan violence must be stopped at every baseball venue. The Commissioner needs to take some pro-active steps before this ugly behavior mushrooms into a bigger problem.