Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yankee Fan Brutally Assaulted At Camden Yards

Matthew Fortese
We joke a lot on this site about the Yankees and their fans. But, when rooting for a baseball team spills over into violence, it crosses a line. On May 29th, a Maryland man, who happens to be a Yankee fan, was brutally assaulted at an Orioles-Nationals game at Camden Yards. Simply because he was wearing his Yankee hat, two morons decided to throw a beer at 25-year old Matt Fortese and his date. Then, these same two rocket scientists proceeded to attack Fortese and throw him over a railing to a 5-foot drop below. Fortese was quickly attended to, but was unconscious for almost a full minute before being revived. He suffered a skull fracture and was sent to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center. He is in stable condition in intensive care. The two assailants have been arrested and charged. It's incumbent upon all baseball fans to condemn this kind of mindless violence—no matter who the victim may be. This a game, people.