Monday, June 24, 2013

Xander Bogaerts Is Still Struggling At Pawtucket

Bogaerts In Pawtucket
Top Red Sox prospect (and #8 overall prospect in baseball) Xander Bogaerts is struggling at AAA. While it's still a relatively small sample size, it's instructive to look at his performance—now that he has 10 full games under his belt at Pawtucket. In a total of 39ABs, Bogaerts has just 8 hits—although three of those have been HRs. He's walked four times and has eleven strikeouts. His on-base percentage is a paltry .279, while his overall average is just barely above the Mendoza Line. This contrasts mightily with his AA numbers this year—.311/.407/.909. Of course, his Portland stats are over 56 games and Bogaerts could easily rebound and display AAA numbers more in-line with what the Red Sox expect. He is still the brightest light in the organization and our best bet at a franchise-type player over the next couple of years. The Red Sox are more than willing to be patient with their star-in-waiting.