Monday, June 17, 2013

Sewage Greets Players At Oakland Coliseum

Anyone who has ever visited the Oakland Coliseum (AKA Coliseum) knows the truth. It is—by far—the worst venue in major league baseball. The first sign of trouble is the barbed wire fencing that greets fans as they emerge from the BART station (see pic). It goes downhill from there. Despite this, Commissioner Bud Selig continues to "study" whether or not the A's need a new stadium—this being the fourth year of that study. Yesterday, raw sewage was flowing into the player's shower rooms—probably a good indication that a new facility is needed. What do you think, Bud? The crux of the matter—and the main reason for Bud's inaction—centers around the territorial rights of the World Champion San Francisco Giants. They don't want those pesky A's in San Jose—robbing them of fans from the South Bay. So, Bud dithers and the raw sewage flows. Lovely. Maybe they should call it the E-Coli-Seum.