Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MLB Player Survey: 1%-5% Using PEDs Now

The website Althon Sports claims to have exclusively conducted an "off-the-record" survey that received responses from "more than a fifth" of all MLB players. For those of you who are statistically-challenged, that's around 20%—and around 80% who did not respond. Nevertheless, that's a pretty good response rate. Althon asked a range of questions, but the most telling response centered on the issue of PED use. The majority of players (53.0%) said between 1% and 5% of their compatriots are using PEDs right now, while a scant 6% said no players are using. More than one-quarter of those responding (25.6%) say the percentage of PED users is at least 6% or higher—with 5.5% saying the percentage of use is between 11% and 20%. Most of the other questions in the survey are trivial, silly (or both), but these results are chilling.