Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MLB Plans To Suspend A-Rod, Braun, 18 Others

According to a report by ESPN's Outside The Lines, Major League Baseball is prepared to call for the suspension of up to 20 players—including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun for as many as 100 games—in the ongoing probe of the defunct Biogenesis Clinic is Florida. If the suspensions go through on the 20 or so players, it will constitute the biggest PED scandal in U. S. sports history. Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch is 'dropping dimes' on the players after agreeing to cooperate with MLB's investigation. If any players contest the charges, a circus-like court process could ensue, with witnesses being called to testify. Aside from the names listed by ESPN (see graphic), there is also speculation that Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano may be connected to the clinic through one or more intermediaries. So far at least, no Red Sox players have been named. Stay tuned, folks!