Sunday, June 30, 2013

Josh Beckett To Have Season-Ending Surgery

(Reed Saxon / Associated Press)
Former Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett will have season-ending surgery next week to regain feeling in his right hand. Beckett has had a tingling sensation in the fingers of his pitching hand for much of this year. He had been rehabbing for about a month in hopes that the condition would pass. On Friday, he threw on flat ground and the tingling was still there. At that point it was decided that he have surgery to remove a rib that is compressing on a nerve that doctors believe is the source of the problem. He will miss the rest of 2013 and be ready for 2014 Spring Training. Understandably, Beckett was fearful that he might never pitch again saying, "Any time something like that happens to your arm or you start losing feeling and stuff, you think about it for sure". Despite all of the issues he went through here in Boston, we should remember that he was once our dominant ace. We wish him well and hope he does pitch again.