Friday, June 14, 2013

Do Guggenheim Dodgers Have $ To Land Cano?

The Guggenheim Group that now owns the Los Angeles Dodgers could be in for a big cash windfall. Yeah, you know, the same guys that unburdened the Red Sox of over a quarter-billion dollars in salary (and threw in a couple of blue-chip prospects as well)? Rumor has it that the team and MLB are about to settle their TV rights dispute—netting Big Blue about $6 billion. This extra scratch would allow them to extend ace Clayton Kershaw for about $200 million and sign prime free-agent Robinson Cano for about that same amount. Moreover, Henry Silverman (of Guggenheim Baseball Management), said the following,  "And, if there was a need to put another $100 million into the stadium, we could do that too." Sure, what the heck? Former Dodger owner (and Bostonian) Frank McCourt could not be reached for comment.