Friday, May 3, 2013

REPORT: Mickey Mantle Corked His Bats!

Ted & Mick At Fenway
Jerry Seinfeld's character once stated: "It's like finding out Mickey Mantle corked his bat!" Indeed. An auction site claims that a game-used Mantle bat was, in fact, corked—and they have the x-ray evidence to prove it. An authentication expert hired by the auction house stated: “During our examination of the bat, we noticed a circular area .75 inches wide in the center of the top barrel. The finish in the area has also been touched up to mask the circular area. Alterations of this nature indicate the barrel has been drilled and filled with cork….we had the barrel x-rayed and (it) confirms that the barrel has been drilled and filled with cork." As much as we despise the Yankees, this news hits us hard. Your humble scribe is old enough to have seen Mantle play at Fenway Park. In fact, he came within inches of catching a batting practice home run the slugger hit that fell into the gap between the bleachers and the right field grandstands. Mantle was an American icon of the 1950s. To think that even he cheated—albeit at the end of his illustrious career—is crushing.