Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sox Fans Deserve A 'Retraction' From Owners

Allow us to start off this screed with a clear recognition of reality: this ownership group is not building a New Fenway Park. Ever. We gave up the ghost on this one a long time ago (even though we insist that Red Sox fans deserve a 21st century replica of the old girl). So, with reality firmly in hand, we suggest the next best thing. Consider for a moment the weather for the upcoming week-end series against Terry Francona's Indians: rain, rain and more rain (see graphic). Next, try to recall how many times you've sat in your obstructed view Fenway seat—knees scraping against the 1912 wood on the seat in front of you—waiting out a two or three hour rain delay. Then, try to recall how many times that long, expensive wait resulted in the announcement that the game was postponed. Wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about that again—like fans is Seattle, Phoenix, Miami, Milwaukee, Houston, and Toronto? All of these venues have a retractable roof system that forever eliminates the angst associated with rainouts. So, here's an idea for the NOG: sell that crappy seventh place European soccer team you own, and use the proceeds (likely $650 or so million dollars) and hire a smart young architect who can figure out how to retrofit a retractable roof on Fenway. The fans will be willing to trade off the obstructed views and cramped seating if they know they'll at least be dry and have some predictability in their planning. What do you say, fellas?