Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Muddy Chicken Nursing Torn Thumb Muscle

Back on Opening Day, we opined as to how Dustin Pedroia should dial back his intensity some in certain situations. Specifically, we were concerned that he appeared to injure his hand diving back to first base on an inconsequential play. Of course, suggesting that The Muddy Chicken dial anything back is problematic. Intensity defines him. Nevertheless, it seemed like it might be a problem. Sure enough, nearly two months later, Pedroia has admitted that his first-day dive resulted in a torn thumb muscle that he's been dealing with ever since. The exact diagnosis was "a complete tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his left thumb". Yikes. And, he's hitting .332 with a .422 OBP with a torn thumb muscle! To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, "Find out how he injured the thumb and have every one else do the same thing". I'll take nine Pedroias on my team, thank you very much.