Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heroes Bauman, Arredondo Honored At Fenway

American Hero Jeff Bauman
Last night's ceremony at Fenway Park honoring Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo was another reminder of how trivial our obsession with baseball really is. The two heroes of that horrific Marathon Monday threw out the first pitches and were showered with the adoration they truly deserve. Bauman, severely injured by the bombing, awoke after surgery (to remove both his legs) to give the FBI a detailed description of one of the terrorists—one he had looked right in the eye. His information led directly to the swift apprehension of the two bombers—and likely saved many other lives at their next target in Times Square. This is the definition of true heroism. Arredondo's quick thinking helped save Bauman's life and created a bond of friendship that will last both of their lifetimes. Kudos to the Red Sox and especially Dr. Charles Steinberg for hitting just the right tone in this moving ceremony. You can watch the entire ceremony HERE.