Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Francona Speaks About Prodigal Fenway Return

Associated Press Photo
On his way to returning to Fenway Park as manager of the Cleveland Indians, Terry Francona has been besieged by a raft of media interviews. One thing he revealed—which probably won't surprise you—is that he hasn't spoken to any of the Red Sox owners since the publication of Francona: The Red Sox Years. And, in general, it appears that he's moved on from the acrimonious split after the disastrous 2011 season. Truth be told, he got them two rings and he was treated like "ring around the collar".  As he put it, "Eight years in Boston, I think I was pretty honest about it, it's one of the most awesome jobs you can ever have, but it's difficult and it wears on you." No kidding. In any event, he comes to Fenway with a first-place club in tow—a game and a half up on the vaunted Tigers. How do you not love this guy?