Sunday, May 26, 2013

David Ortiz May Sit Out All NL Interleague Play

Riding Interleague Pine?
Thanks to Bud Selig's moronic plan, there's at least one interleague game every day of the 2013 MLB season. In total, the Red Sox will play 20 interleague games this year—12.3% of their entire season! Now, according to the Globe's Nick Cafardo, Boston's designated hitter, David Ortiz, is slated to sit out every one of the 10 interleague contests in NL cities. Why? Mike Napoli can't really catch anymore (other than in an emergency), and that takes away the first base (and only) option to play Papi in the field. This is a prime example of why this new system is a joke and why Selig has to force the National League to adopt the DH—now.