Monday, May 6, 2013

Couple To Celebrate Chance Meeting At Fenway

Joey And Jen At Fenway
It's almost too good a story for Hollywood. Back on May 11, 2012, two people had a completely random encounter at Fenway Park that has since blossomed into a long-distance relationship. Joey and Jen—each visiting Boston independently for the first time—decided on a whim to attend the Red Sox-Indians game on that cool night last Spring. Buying scalped seats from the same "vendor", they found themselves seated inches apart. They chatted through the whole game and got to know each other well. Joey stated recently, "I wish I could find that scalper and give him a big hug for selling me that ticket." Well, those of us who live here can confidently tell Joey that the upright person who sold him those ducats is still probably slithering around the park today. Anyway, a year later, Joey and Jen will celebrate their anniversary back at Fenway Park on May 26th—against those very same Cleveland Indians. He's in Minneapolis, she's in Miami, but they have kept their relationship alive. Says Jen, "We both took a leap of faith, and even though the distance is hard, so far it's been a fantastic journey, and we're excited to celebrate at the place where it all started." It's a great story in a great old ballpark. Hopefully, Dr. Charles will see this and make their reunion even more special.