Thursday, May 9, 2013

BullFrogGate: Of Sunscreen And Spitballs

The idiotic obsession with Clay Buchholz and 'stuff' on his left arm is getting out-of-hand. Now, Jeff Passan of YAHOO! Sports has launched a Watergate-like investigation into pitchers' use of sunscreen—allegedly mixed with rosin—to create greater "stickiness" on the ball. Of course, there's nothing wrong with sunscreen—in fact, celebrities like Shonda Schilling have urged us to wear it all the time. Apparently, some pitchers (Buchholz denies he is one of them) spray a particular brand of sunscreen (BullFrog) on their non-pitching arm, pat it down with rosin, and "load up" the ball. There is wide disagreement about exactly what this does to pitches—many saying it does not produce "spitter"-like action and is no worse than batters using pine tar to improve grip. Excuse us for badly paraphrasing the famous Watergate whistle-blower Mark Felt (AKA Deep Throat), "Follow the BullFrog!".