Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wacky April Start Times Confuse Some Fans

In the past, the Red Sox instituted earlier night start times in April to help protect against the kind of wintry chill that kept last night's crowd under 29,000. This year, they are starting some weeknight games this month at 6:35 PM instead of the usual 7:10 PM. The problems is, there's no rhyme nor reason to the haphazard schedule. For example, on Wednesday April 10th the game start was at 7 PM sharp. Last night, tonight and Thursday will start at 6:35. And Friday night's game will be back at 7:10 PM. Yikes!  Your intrepid FN reporters were at Monday's game and saw many fans arrive—bewildered—at the normal 7:10 time. They then realized it was the fourth inning already. When asked about this, Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy told the Globe that the earlier times make it easier for people to bring their kids to games. Sure, if they know about it.