Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Sox Employ Gimmicks To Boost Attendance

Get "A-Head" And Get A Ticket!
It's too bad the current ownership group wasn't around in Boston's own "dead ball" era—between the mid-1950s and mid-1960s. They could have come up with a whole bunch a novel ways to get fans to pay actual money to watch Don Buddin make another error. Luckily, the age of gimmickry is in full bloom today as the Red Sox institute some new and innovate ways to keep The Sellout Streak alive for just a little while longer. Today, they will be placing cardboard cutouts of their players' heads all around the city of Boston. If you find one, and perform some lame additional feat, you win tickets to Monday's Fenway Opener! Just think, you can secure a huge laminated head of Jonny Gomes, scream "Go Red Sox!" and you're in! The irony of all this is that—now that the team has taken two straight from the Evil Ones in New York—this AA-worthy hoopla won't really be necessary. Anyway, go out there in the cold and find those heads!