Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jose Iglesias Is Accepting Pending Demotion

Iglesias Against Empire
He's saying all the right things. But, you've got to believe, in the back of his mind, Jose Iglesias must be thinking: "What do I have to do to make this team?". After a rare "0-fer" in the home opener, Iglesias is now hitting .450 on the year. But, when Wednesday rolls around, he will be motoring down Interstate 95 to Pawtucket—the garden spot of Little Rhody. Said John Farrell, "If it turns out that that’s the move, then much like any player who has gotten off to a good start, it would be hard to swallow it. But there has to be an understanding of where he’s at, and personal and organizational goals aligning. And sometimes that isn’t always at the same time". And, the kid responded in the only way he can, "It’s not something I can control. All I can do is come here and play and if I go to the minors, I will play there. I’m glad we’re winning games." In the not too distant future, Iglesias will either be an elite shortstop on the Boston Red Sox or someone else's team. Bank on it.