Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Former Sox Reddick And Moss Visit Hospital

Photo By Gay Gerlack
Before last night's game at Fenway, former Red Sox players Brandon Moss and Josh Reddick visited 11-year old Aaron Hern at Children's Hospital in Boston. Hern, an Oakland resident, was hit by shrapnel in the left leg during the terrorist bombings on April 15th. Said Reddick, "We drove in by it last night from the airport, past the memorial service, so that was kind of a heart-sinking moment. But I think we've both been in that hospital before, so we know what kind of stuff that hospital has to offer. We had just as much of a blast as that little kid and his family did, so it was good for us, too, to put a big smile on our face." It's good to know that our Red Sox baseball system has produced such quality human beings as Reddick and Moss.