Friday, April 5, 2013

'Fenway Stinks' Takes On Whole New Meaning

Over the years, we have complained a lot about the cramped, obstructed and ramshackle home of our Boston Red Sox. Despite the many positive renovations by Red Sox ownership over the last decade, Fenway Park—beloved as it is to all of us—needs to be replaced by a 21st-century replica. We realize we'll never win this battle while the NOG reigns on Yawkey Way, so let's move on to a real stinker of a story. Apparently, the area around Fenway Park has been reeking of a sulphur-like odor due to a construction site on Van Ness Street. Residents and workers in area buildings have been complaining of the 'rotten eggs' smell for a while, and—at this rate—it's likely to welcome fans at Monday's home opener. So, if you're going, take that spare gas mask.