Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dubious Fenway Sellout Streak Ends Tonight?

Will there be a moment of silence tonight when the evening's attendance is announced at Fenway Park? Will those in attendance be given a miniature commemorative empty seat? The Red Sox are expecting their 794-game regular season "sellout" streak to end tonight, when 'only' around 30,000 people show up for the second home game of the season. While it's easy to mock the NOG for perpetuating the streak, it should be noted that the Marlins owners would kill for 30,000 people showing up on a regular basis (they got 14,000 last night). Nevertheless, it's good that this silliness is finally put to rest. Let's just shoot for 3,000,000 total fans this season and leave it at that. No more streaking.