Monday, April 8, 2013

Don't Look Now, Red Sox Are Top O' The Heap!

PHOTO: Billie Weiss, Boston Red Sox
As your 2013 edition of the Carmine Hose gets set to play their Home Opener today at Fenway, they sit atop the American League East all by their lonesome. At 4-2, they are erasing memories of the last two road trip starts (0-6 in 2011 and 1-5 in 2012). Refreshed by the additions of Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Jose Iglesias, bolstered by the coming of age of Will Middlebrooks and reinforced by the solid pitching of Jon Lester, the team will come home to a hopeful Nation for the first time in a long time. Even the goofy Idiots II culture fostered by Jonny Gomes is somewhat appealing. Who knows, The Fake Sellout Streak may actually extend beyond Wednesday night? So far, our own Doomsday predictions of this team have been dead wrong—and we like it that way. It will be interesting to see if last year's Cinderella team—the Baltimore Orioles—fares any better against this Boston Juggernaut. Bring on the Sons Of Showalter!