Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sox Typically Vague On Jackie Bradley's Status

The New 'Kid'
About the only mystery of this year's spring camp is whether or not Jackie Bradley, Jr. will make the Red Sox Opening Day roster. After a 2-for-4 day against the Evil Ones today, Bradley is hitting .444 on the Spring. Typically, the Red Sox are about as forthcoming on this issue as North Korea's Kim Jong Un—or, worse yet, Bill Belichick. When asked if Bradley might play left, Red Sox manager John Farrell stated cryptically, "I can't say that we wouldn't... I wouldn’t say we wouldn’t put Jackie in left -- but I don’t see Jackie Bradley as a left fielder." Say what? And to further clear things up, regarding the kid's spring stats, "At some point, we can't totally neglect spring training. We're going to balance that as best we can with the long-term production they've had, and then where we see them fitting positionally on the field. We have to put some weight on what they're doing in these final 10 days." Cue the AFLAC Duck.