Monday, March 18, 2013

Sox Institute Curious 'New' Policy On Toradol

The Red Sox announced a 'new' policy toward the anti-inflammatory drug Toradol. We think. The vaunted Boston medical staff (and we use that term advisedly) will still administer the drug to pitchers—just not all the time. I can hear the late, great Rodney Dangerfield now: "Hey, they've cut out some drugs altogether!".  While Toradol is classified as a legal drug by MLB, there was some controversy over its ubiquitous use. You may recall the disclosure that former Sox trainer Mike Reinold injected pitchers routinely—even though he is not a physician. Both Curt Schilling and Jonathan Papelbon acknowledged that they had used the non-steroidal drug routinely as members of the Carmine Hose. So, basically, all the Red Sox are saying is that they'll use it less often—and only when recommended by a doctor. Bully for them. We guess.