Thursday, March 21, 2013

Numbers Game Down To Bradley vs. Sweeney

Is Bradley Odd Man Out?
As Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald points out, the looming numbers game surrounding the Red Sox roster may not bode well for phenom Jackie Bradley, Jr. The Red Sox will start the season with 13 position players and 12 pitchers. Given the injuries to David Ortiz, Stephen Drew, Franklin Morales and Craig Breslow, the math is clear. Only two spots remain open—one for a position player and one for a bullpen arm. Amazingly, it looks like Daniel Bard will be sent back to AAA, since Clayton Mortensen is more valuable as a "stretched-out" reliever. We can only surmise what this demotion will do to the already fragile ego of Bard. On the position player side, another left-handed bat is sorely needed and Bradley would fill the bill. But Ryan Sweeney also hits from the port side and does not have any options left. The kid does. BenCher will probably go the conservative route and pick Sweeney—to the certain ire of The Nation. Let the Musical Chairs begin.