Saturday, March 2, 2013

New 'Gem' Rubby Related To Pedro, For Real

Related To Pedro
Not only is young Sox hurler Rubby De La Rosa turning heads in camp with his dynamic stuff, he's also impressing the folks over at It seems that Rubby just recently discovered that he is a distant cousin of none other than Pedro Martinez. If you're a young pitcher, what better way to claim a genetic mound pedigree? In last night's 5-2 win over the Pirates, De La Rosa threw two more impressive innings—and he hasn't yet aired out his 100-MPH fastball. Rubby could be the not-so-hidden gem in The Great Punto Deal. Just ask the other Pedey (The Muddy Chicken): “He’s got electric stuff. We’re glad to have him. You can never have enough pitching, and it’s pretty exciting, the guys we got in that trade. They’ve got some great stuff. Getting young talent like that, especially pitching, those are prized pieces. This will be huge for our team.” Indeed.