Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Moments In Ballpark Cuisine: The Minors

You'll Never See This At Fenway
Tired of the bland, over-priced menu offerings at Fenway Park? Just head out west on the Mass Pike and don't stop until you arrive at the home of the West Michigan Whitecaps of Comstock Park, MI. The Midwest League Class A Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers have a tradition of—well, let's call it "interesting" food choices. This year, their featured item is "The Baco!" It's a taco with a specially-made bacon shell (see the appetizing photo). We're sure this scrumptious option would never find its way onto the politically-correct menu at Fenway. After all, what would the First Lady say? Anyway, "The Baco!" was voted as top food item by Whitecap fans. In second place was "The Bad Joke", a corn dog covered in cheese with two strips of duck bacon. There was a third-place tie between "Rascal Chow" (popcorn, bacon and Reeses) and "Teeny Weenies" (little hot dogs in mini helmets). The team's stadium (the oddly named Fifth Third Ballpark) sounds like a lot more fun that Fenway.