Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dawn Breaks On Marblehed: Sox Reduce Prices

Go Crazy! (Until May)
In one of the slowest responses in marketing history, the Red Sox finally wised up to the fact that they are hardly the hottest thing in town. After not lowering ticket prices in the wake of the worst season in a generation, the team is now lowering some food concession prices—but just in April. During the first month of the season—when there are still plenty of seats to be had—hot dogs will be two for $5, a 12-ounce draft beer will be "only" $5, and a watered-down Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate will only set you back $2 (instead of the regular $4.25). And, ever mindful of their duty to "the kids", the Sox will allow those under the age of 14 to have a hot dog, juice and snack for free. What a great bunch of guys, those owners! Of course, starting in May, you get gouged again. By the way, do we get a souvenir ball if we are at the game the snaps the sellout streak? Just askin'.