Friday, February 15, 2013

Ryan Braun On Second Biogenesis Document

According to a report on's Outside The Lines, Ryan Braun's name appears on a second document from Anthony Bosch's banned Biogenesis clinic in Florida. The new document (see photo) shows Braun's name next to a dollar figure ($1,500). ESPN's sources—former employees of the "wellness" clinic—indicate that the list is of players who "received performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch and owed him money". One source went so far as to say that there is "no other reason to be on that paper." Also on this second list are Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, and Francisco Cervelli. Only Cabrera's name appears not to have a dollar amount associated with it. Braun responded to reporters on Friday, "I understand why a lot of you guys are probably here, but I made a statement last week. I stand behind that statement. I'm not going to address that issue any further. As I stated, I'm happy to cooperate fully with any investigation into this matter."