Monday, February 18, 2013

Quirky Hanrahan Has Perfect Closer Duende

Boston Herald Photo
If today's interview on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Morning Show is any indication, new Red Sox closer Joel Hanrahan is perfectly suited to his role. Sandwiched between the two talk show hosts in a little area protected from the 39-degree Florida weather, Hanrahan was cool, composed and just a little bit weird. But he was most of all straightforward, avoiding every cliched response and actually answering the question asked. How amazing is that in 2013? He also showed an almost too understated personality that is just north of edgy and just south of dangerous. Asked how he prepares in the bullpen, his response was that around the seventh inning he starts his routine and "cracks a Red Bull". Asked to compare the atmosphere in Pittsburgh and Boston, he reminded the hosts that in 2011, he got two saves again the vaunted Red Sox in a wild and packed PNC Park (by the way, we were there for both saves). All in all, he looks like a guy Red Sox fans will like. A lot.