Friday, February 22, 2013

David Ortiz Sees 'Good Soreness' As A Positive

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara
It's been more than seven months since David Ortiz injured his right Achilles tendon. And he is still not cleared to run the bases or play in a Spring Training game. Despite this, Ortiz reports that he is making steady progress in his recovery. Explained Papi, “It’s not the ‘bad’ sore. It’s the ‘good’ sore,” The ‘good sore’ from the workout, I’m saying. It’s not the sore I was feeling last year once I got back. It’s a good sore. When you work out normally, your muscle gets sore, and you go from there." It's still unclear exactly when the 37-year old DH will be able to play, but his presence in the middle of the 2013 lineup is a prerequisite to any team success.