Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sox 'Fall-Back' Option Falls Back To Nationals

LaRoche No Longer An Option
Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post is reporting that the Washington Nationals have re-signed first baseman Adam LaRoche to a two-year deal. LaRoche had been seeking a three-year deal, but the Red Sox were unwilling to offer it to him—preferring instead to pursue a restructuring of the Mike 'What Is Hip?' Napoli deal. Now that the best alternative to Napoli is gone (frankly, we though LaRoche was the better alternative), Boston is now under the gun to make the Napoli thing work. One remaining possibility is that the Nationals will now offer Mike Morse (who can play first) now that LaRoche is in the fold. In any event, this whole first base mess could taint the entire off-season for BenCher and the Red Sox.