Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Players Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

For the first time since 1996, no players will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the summer of 2013. Craig Biggio was closest—falling just 39 votes short of enshrinement with his name on 68.2% of all ballots cast. Jack Morris was also close at 67.7%.  Also finishing strong were Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines and Lee Smith. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds both scored under 40%. Fittingly, #38 Curt Schilling got 38.8%.
Players Getting At Least One Vote
Clearly, the steroid issue had an impact on this vote—suppressing the totals for Clemens and Bonds. You can read a list of 102 BBWAA voters who made their choices public HERE. The next big investigative effort should be to find the guy who cast one vote for former Red Sox pitcher Aaron Sele (see chart). Sele, along with Bernie Williams, Kenny Lofton, Sandy Alomar Jr., Julio Franco, David Wells, Steve Finley, and Shawn Green will be dropped from the ballot for failing to garner placement on at least 5% of the ballots cast.