Monday, January 28, 2013

Francona On MLB Network Wednesday Night

Tito The Younger
On Wednesday night at 9PM Eastern, former Red Sox manager Terry Francona will appear in a one-hour interview on MLB Network's 'Studio 42 with Bob Costas'. Francona will cover a wide range of topics, including his relationship with the NOG, the 2011 collapse, the 2004 team, and managing Michael Jordan and Manny Ramirez. He also talks about the irrepressible Dustin Pedroia. Says Tito: "He’s probably my all-time favorite player. I’ve never seen somebody wake up in the morning and the object of his day is to kick your [butt]. He’s as close to Pete Rose as anybody I’ve ever seen. He can be arrogant, loveable and humble all in the same sentence. He has no business being as good as he is, and he is that good." Appointment viewing.