Thursday, January 31, 2013

A-Fraud's Days As An Evil One Are Numbered

Getty Images
The New York Daily News cites major league sources saying that Alex Rodriguez's days as a Yankee are—essentially—over. The story outlines two likely scenarios in the wake of the player's hip surgery and are basically independent of what comes out of the allegations that he was involved with a PED-related Florida "wellness" clinic. The two scenarios are: 1.) the hip injury forces Rodriguez to retire from baseball, with insurance giving the Yankees an 85% recovery of the $114 million left on his contract; 2.) Rodriguez comes back from rehab in a diminished role and then voluntarily retires, negotiating a settlement with the team on his remaining contract. In ether case, the Yankees appear done with their self-absorbed 'superstar'. Apparently, the Kevin Youkilis Era in the Bronx has begun in earnest.