Friday, December 7, 2012

Youkilis: "Hey, I Had Pinstripes Last Year!"

Youk Is Back In Town (File photo)
Kevin Youkilis, in town for his annual "Youk's Kid's" charity event, tried to deflect potential negativity surrounding a possible signing with the Evil Ones. Said Youk:

"I did have pinstripes last year, but no one ever had a problem with those pinstripes. The White Sox had pinstripes. We're very fortunate we have a few teams we're discussing and there's nothing really final. We're very fortunate that a lot of teams want me right now. We have a handful of good choices. We have to sit down with my family and agent and all that stuff. In due time, we'll find out."

He's got to know he would never be forgiven for joining the likes of his personal head-hunter, Joba "the Mutt" Chamberlain.