Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red Sox Introduce Shane Victorino At Fenway

The New Red Sox Right-Fielder
The Red Sox officially introduced their new right-fielder (at least and until Jacoby Ellsbury gets traded)—Shane Victorino. Victorino claimed he needed no convincing to come to last-place Boston, citing the history of the Red Sox and the greatness of their rivalry with the Evil Ones. Ben Cherington talked about adding a "center-field quality defender" in Victorino, which reinforces his signing as stop-gap insurance until the Jackie Bradley, Jr. Era arrives. In an interesting sidelight, when Victorino told Ellsbury he liked "chowder", Jacoby corrected him and told him to call it "chowda". Victorino will wear Daisuke Matsuzaka's old number 18. Hmm, Johnny Damon's old number, too.