Monday, December 3, 2012

Red Sox To Sign Napoli For 3 Yrs., $39 Million

Our New First Baseman?
Multiple reports now suggest that the Red Sox are about to sign C/1B/DH Mike Napoli to a three-year deal for $39 million. Napoli and his agent had been seeking a fourth year, but the Red Sox—in their new 'Discipline Mode'—refused to give in. Over the weekend, Larry Lucchino had waxed effusive about his desire to sign Napoli—but reiterated the desire to keep the contract relatively short-term. The 31-year old Napoli hit 24 home runs last year in just 108 games—but hit only .227 with 125 strikeouts in 352 at-bats. As we've said before, we think this is a mistake—despite Napoli's gaudy career numbers at Fenway.We just don't think he's a $13 million a year player.