Monday, December 17, 2012

Hallowed 'Truck Day' Is Just Seven Weeks Away

Just 49 Days Away
In just about seven weeks, that first true sign of Spring—Truck Day—arrives in Boston. Then begins the equipment truck's Magical Mystery Tour that will be the Red Sox 2013 campaign. So, with about 49 days left, do you feel comfortable with the roster as it stands now? Are you OK with a left-field platoon of Jonny (yes, that's how he spells it—get used to it) Gomes and Ryan Kalish? Are you down with Shane Victorino as your everyday right-fielder? Can you live with Mike Napoli picking low throws in the dirt at first base (assuming he passes his physical and can play more than his career-maximum 140 games)? So, tell us, when that big rig pulls out of the Yawkey Way snow banks and heads for the Mass Pike, what will your mood be?