Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deciphering The Winter Meetings For The Sox

The shape and contour of your 2013 Boston Red Sox will be determined at this week's Winter Meetings in Nashville. While you might not hear about any big moves during the week,  the groundwork for those moves will be laid over the next several days. This time next week, we may know whether 2013 will be a legitimate year of contention or whether it will be—in effect—Bridge Year Four. If Ben Cherington pulls off a "bold move for the future" (like the rumored trade of Jon Lester for phenom Wil Myers), then get ready for another year of battling for the basement of the AL East. If BenCher somehow manages to sign Josh Hamilton, Adam LaRoche and Anibal Sanchez, then get ready to spend some cash on playoff tickets in 2013. It won't take a sabermatrician to read the tea leaves coming out of Nashville, just look at the roster and—one way or the other—accept the reality.