Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boston Not A Planned Stop On Swisher Tour '12

AP Photo/Bill Kostroun
Well, at least we've got some good news before Christmas. Multiple reports suggest that Fenway Park will not be a destination of the Great Nick Swisher Tour Of 2012. Yesterday, Tito and the Tribe laid out the red carpet on Lake Erie to lure the 'Bronx Buffoon' to the 'Mistake On The Lake'. If they don't succeed in that daunting task, it's rumored that the Dodgers are putting the 'For Sale' sign on Andre Ethier in order to free up right field for Swisher. Fine. There are also rumors that Swisher is the prime fallback (along with Adam LaRoche) should the Mike Napoli deal fall through. No matter what happens on all these other fronts, let's just hope Swisher steers clear of Yawkey Way.