Friday, December 21, 2012

Bill James Sees 2013 Red Sox As Powerhouse graphic
Last time we checked, Bill James was still an employee of your Boston Red Sox. In fact, Larry Lucchino had pledged to give him more influence this year than in the recent past. So, what do you know, James' new 2013 Bill James Handbook portrays this year's Red Sox as virtual world beaters. First of all, get ready for a Fenway version of the Bash Brothers. Mike Napoli (assuming he actually joins the team) will clout 29 HRs, David Ortiz 32, and Will Middlebrooks 29. Even platooners Jonny Gomes and Ryan Kalish will get 16 and 10, respectively. And, in case you were impressed by last year's Detroit Tigers rotation, never fear! The members of the vaunted Red Sox rotation will all best Motown's 2012 staff ERA—even John Lackey will log a respectable 4.05 earned run average. Far be it from us to imply that there's a little logrolling going on here. But, please, to expect this cast of thirtysomething platooners to perform like this seems a little silly. Maybe we'll be proven wrong in October. If so, we will admit it and be the happiest members of The Nation.