Monday, November 26, 2012

Ft. Myers Mayor: We Should've Let Sox Move On

Apparently, all that 'lovey-dovey' stuff between the Red Sox and Lee County may have been a little premature. The Mayor of Fort Myers, Randy Henderson, recently stated the following:

“It would have been smarter to let the Red Sox move on. I would debate that we wouldn’t be any worse off, in fact, I think we would be better off.”

Wow. Apparently the decision to build the sleek new JetBlue Park for the Red Sox put a little bigger dent in the public treasury than expected. That critical decision set in motion a chain reaction that will cost the county an estimated $436 million over the next 32 years. Apparently, the combination of JetBlue costs, the costs for the still vacant (yet perfectly serviceable) City of Palms Park and the added commitments to the Twins stadium is really socking it to Lee County taxpayers. Maybe the Red Sox should have waited until the City Of Palms Park Centennial before building a whole new ballpark. Hmm.