Thursday, November 15, 2012

Agganis Documentary Premieres In Boston

On Tuesday night, the World Premiere of a documentary film about Harry Agganis was held at the AMC Loews complex on Tremont Street. The film, Agganis—The Golden Greek, Excellence To The End, was written and narrated by Boston sports icon Clark Booth. Agganis chronicles the life of one of New England's most storied athletes. The film is a touching portrayal of a young man who rises from the immigrant experience in Lynn, but never forgets his roots—and maintains life-long loyalty to his beloved mother. The documentary tracks Agganis from a sandlot phenom to one of the most heavily recruited high school football players ever. Agganis turned down multiple offers to play professional football and baseball outside New England, and chose to stay near his Mom in Boston and play for the team he loved as a kid—the Boston Red Sox. The film does raise troubling questions about the nature of his sudden death at the tragically young age of 25. There is particular focus on the actions—or non-actions—taken by doctors treating Agganis for a mysterious set of conditions. They are questions that, nearly six decades later, need to be asked. But, overall, this is a heart-warming film for all who love stories about New England sports and the heroes that make us proud. You can purchase a DVD copy of the film HERE.