Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red Sox Officially Introduce John Farrell

John Farrell Address Reporters At Fenway Today
The Red Sox held a press conference this afternoon to officially announce John Farrell as their new manager—the 46th in their storied history. Integrity, intelligence and leadership are the terms Ben Cherington used to describe his new skipper, and Farrell proved the GM right—at least in his introductory remarks. He acknowledged that he had relationships with players on the team—but made it clear that this would not be "taken for granted". He vowed to re-earn the trust of players by re-establishing those relationships. He also made clear that this 2013 Red Sox team will speak with "one voice"—making a not-so-subtle distinction with the Tower of Babel that existed under Bobby Valentine. A good start, a good choice. Now, let's get some players.