Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Sox Again Left Out In The 'Freese' By Fate

David Freese's Alex Speier recounts an interesting tale about the Cardinals' Mr. UberOctober, David Freese. Believe it or not, the Red Sox were set to sign the fifth-year senior our of South Alabama back in 2006. Fate, as so often happens with the Red Sox, intervened. And, the hero of St. Louis' 2011 championship slipped through Boston's fingers. Once his South Alabama squad qualified for the College World Series, it pushed their season beyond the draft date where the Sox would have scooped Freese. He went on to be drafted in a late round by the Padres, and was then shipped to St. Louis in exchange for Jim Edmonds. Of course, there's always more than a few layers of Red Sox-related stuff to every story. Edmonds hit an abysmal .067 against Boston in the 2004 World Series—a big part of the reason the Carmine Hose swept the Redbirds in four straight.